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  • Some thoughts on Rust

    Some backstory I have needed a tool to manage my local Ubuntu and Debian mirrors. Aptly is probably the best tool available to do the job right now. However, none of the available tools are actually great. Most are in varying degrees of non-maintenance or throw out hordes of errors because they look for every […]

  • Hawaii – Going To

    I flew with family on Southwest. We took three flights. The first was from Tulsa International Airport in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The airport actually is in Paradise, Nevada. Flight SWA1746 was 2 hours and 40 minutes long. The second was from McCarran to Norman Y. Mineta San Jose […]

  • Reasonable Options for Backing Up A NAS in 2021

    What are your reasonable options for backing up a 16TB NAS in 2021? External Hard Drive? Pros: Interface Portability. You do not need any new software or hardware. Ability to reuse older hardware: Assuming you have a used drive large enough to hold all your backups. Cons: Interface instability: USB3 drives especially are bad at […]

  • Matomo: Impressive and Useful

    I discussed migrating from Google Analytics and Jetpack to Matomo in a previous post. However, I haven’t used it for a significant amount of time. I am finding it very useful. There are two ways you can self-host Matomo. As a plugin for WordPress or as an independent web application. The WordPress plugin is the […]

  • Automatically Starting Exactly One ssh-agent

    I use SSH keys to protect all of my SSH logins. The following shell code starts only one ssh-agent and adds all ssh-keys to that agent. I recommend adding it to your ~/.bashrc file, so the proper environment variables are set up.

  • Upgrade WordPress’ Password Hashing

    WordPress and several other pieces of web software written in PHP are notorious for using old and broken algorithms for securing passwords. If you are using a PHP version of 5.5 or newer, you should get okay security by default. However, even phpass’ developers recommend not using their software if you can use PHP 5.5 […]

  • Best Review I Have Currently Seen On Nvidia Ampere

  • Update to TLS 1.3 with Apache

    I moved this site to TLS 1.3 a few weeks ago. So far, it has been working great if I use a web browser. Unfortunately, no one has updated Curl to work with TLS 1.3. The second issue is that Curl is the HTTP client library du jour for C or languages that use C’s […]

  • Don’t leave web server performance on the table.

    If you followed the WordPress Install Guide you are leaving performance on the table for your website. The WordPress Install Guide defaults to Apache’s mod PHP which is definitely leaving performance on the table. Here is how to fix that in Ubuntu 20.04: install php-fpm: sudo apt install php-fpm disable mod_php and mpm_prefork: sudo a2dismod […]

  • Use Apache’s mod_usertrack to get analytics without sharing data

    First a major caveat, I still have Jetpack installed to simplify a few tasks like reducing comment spam. Until I have a replacement for everything it does, it will still track visitors. You need to know how many people are interacting with your site and where they are interacting with it. Without some form of […]