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  • This isn’t A good move.

    Shame on both DELL and AMD for this. It doesn’t improve security and makes ewaste an even bigger problems.

  • Don’t say one year of experience required if you won’t train.

    I have been dealing with the issue of many people wanting one year of experience with tool A, but they won’t train you on the differences between tool A and tool B, which I do have experience on. But I need someone with experience? A person with one year of experience in a tool isn’t […]

  • Supporting Older Programming Languages

    In general, No, No, No! I have been mulling this question over because of recent discussions I am following about Java, WordPress hosting, and Python 2. I will start with Java. Java has become the modern COBOL in a lot of ways. An extremely verbose language designed around one programming paradigm. Excluding the inherent problems […]

  • NPM Encourages Abandonware

    I am using Gulp.js or just Gulp for automating the compilation of CSS stylesheets for the upcoming custom WordPress theme for this blog. In the process of getting that automation setup, I have concluded that NPM’s extremely lax requirements for adding a package to their servers have resulted in an explosion of abandonware. One of […]

  • Programming Languages and Nonoptimum Tool Use

    Some backstory In my post about OpenWRT on x86 hardware, I mentioned that I considered balenaEtcher’s size to be a negative trait. I also complained in Yarn versus NPM about the dependency management for Node.js projects. Both complaints stem from a similar problem, Using a tool without respect for its constraints. Constraints? All tools have […]

  • Yarn versus NPM

    Over the last few days, I have had to use both Yarn and NPM to attempt to install two different programs for a couple of home networking experiments. The dependency packaging of Node projects leaves something to be desired. Problems with dependency fulfillment become especially apparent when the package manager pulls in dependencies that are […]