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  • Sometimes Storage Sucks

    The last few days have been frustrating. The good news is ZFS’s data protections actually works. A bit of backstory. I have a storage server for my home network. That storage server previously had 6 hard drives in it. I used ZFS with in stripe over mirrors configuration. With only 4 drives this is commonly […]

  • New Year.

    It is now a new year. With that comes job changes and other changes. Right now I am working on a life insurance career. The job change is cutting into my time for blogging.

  • Fifth Two Weeks Posting Review

    I missed the fifth two weeks outright and only got a few articles in during the fourth two weeks. Adjusting over to my new job has been difficult. A lack of non political topics really hasn’t helped either.

  • Explanation for the Absence.

    I spent last week working on passing my Life Provider exam for Oklahoma. I have now passed it. It will take another week to get my license but I will be a licensed life insurance agent soon.

  • Goodbye Jetpack

    After doing some research on alternative analytics options, I have removed Jetpack. Matomo can do everything Google Analytics and Jetpack can without any data sharing.

  • Job Changes

    A day or two after I posted my complaint about businesses not training employees, I accept an offer at a company that does train their employees. Yay. I am not sure how it is going to affect my post rate here though. —Robert

  • Post Schedule Change

    I am going to move the post schedule from daily to Monday through Friday. —Robert

  • Working The Polls Today

    If you have an election in your area today go vote. —Robert