Tag: Two Week Reviews

  • Fifth Two Weeks Posting Review

    I missed the fifth two weeks outright and only got a few articles in during the fourth two weeks. Adjusting over to my new job has been difficult. A lack of non political topics really hasn’t helped either.

  • Third Two Week Posting Challenge Review

    For these last two weeks, I have posted eight days out of ten applicable days. I am running out of ideas that don’t involve politics, and training for my new job has impacted my free time. Most of the problem is finding nonpolitical topics.

  • Second 2 Weeks Posting Challenge

    During the previous 2 Weeks Posting Challenge, I missed one of eighteen days that it covered. I missed six of the sixteen days covered by this period. Why did I miss those days? A lack of good topics to write about and a combination of not sitting down to write. I do not want to […]

  • Two Week Posting Challenge Review

    When I rebooted my blog, yet again, I gave myself the personal challenge of writing at least one article per day. Except for August 3rd, 2020, I have met that challenge. Let’s see it continue.