Month: July 2022

  • Sometimes Storage Sucks

    The last few days have been frustrating. The good news is ZFS’s data protections actually works. A bit of backstory. I have a storage server for my home network. That storage server previously had 6 hard drives in it. I used ZFS with in stripe over mirrors configuration. With only 4 drives this is commonly […]

  • The Decline of the West: Book 1 – Chapter 1 – Section 2

    The means whereby to identify dead forms is Mathematical Law. The means whereby to understand living forms is Analogy. By these means we are enabled to distinguish polarity and periodicity in the world. It is, and has always been, a matter of knowledge that the expression-forms of world-history are limited in number, and that eras, […]

  • The Decline of the West: Book 1 – Chapter 1 – Section 1

    In this book is attempted for the first time the venture of predetermining history, of following the still untraveled stages in the destiny of our Culture, and specifically of the only Culture of out time and on our planet which is actually in the phase of fulfillment — the West-European-American. Hitherto the possibility of solving […]