Month: May 2021

  • Update To Reasonable Options For Backing Up A NAS In 2021

    As I mentioned in the previous post, the options boiled down to tape or an external hard drive. I chose to use an external hard drive. So far, that option is working okay if I ignore the fourteen to fifteen-hour-long initial syncs of the drives. At a sustained write speed of one hundred and fifty-two […]

  • Current thoughts on PHP 8.0 and WordPress.

    Right now, I am testing this blog on PHP 8.0; So far, migration hasn’t been that big of a problem. Well, save some issues with passwords. I am not sure if the PHP native hash plugin, PHP 8.0, or a combination of the two is the issue. I have got it fixed, however. So far, […]

  • New Phone

    After four years of good service, the battery on my iPhone 8+ finally got to the point it needed replacing. After reviewing the options and expecting my new phone to survive for four more years. I decided to get the 256GB iPhone 12 Max. The bigger screen is excellent. However, it is taking some adjusting […]