Year: 2020

  • ZFS Backup Tool Part 3

    Today’s project is parsing a snapshot into a custom datatype that gives us more accessible options to manipulate snapshots. First, the regular expression strings need to be moved into separate files so I can reference them across other files. The essential parts of a snapshot are: the pool name the filesystem tree the Interval the […]

  • ZFS Backup Tool Part 2

    Recognizing a snapshot made by zfs-auto-snapshot. First, what does a list of these snapshots look like? I trimmed the previous list down a bit. So what is a regular expression that will match this? The first question is which regular expression library am I using? I am writing this tool in Go. Thus I will […]

  • ZFS Backup Tool Part 1

    I haven’t seen a lot of tools that are designed to backup ZFS snapshots to removable media. So, I am writing my own. I am going to document the process here. The basic loop for a backup tool is Read a list of snapshots on the source Read a list of snapshots on the destination […]

  • Recommend Analyses of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    I have watched Mauler’s videos analyzing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I recommend his detail-oriented and rational critique.

  • ZFS-auto-snapshot

    If you use ZFS and you don’t have an auto snapshot tool installed, you need to install one. This tool will make backups a lot easier.

  • Forager 001

    Here is the first Video Friday. Today is me playing Forager.

  • Today’s Video is Delayed

    I am planning on a video for today’s post. It is processing right now, and that will take some time. Hopefully, it will be prepared and uploaded before 17:00 tonight.

  • No Post Today

    There will not be a new post today. I have been running into several problems trying to get a video done for the Friday post. The Saturday post maybe a rant about getting OBS to record in a better intermediate format than x264.

  • NPM Encourages Abandonware

    I am using Gulp.js or just Gulp for automating the compilation of CSS stylesheets for the upcoming custom WordPress theme for this blog. In the process of getting that automation setup, I have concluded that NPM’s extremely lax requirements for adding a package to their servers have resulted in an explosion of abandonware. One of […]

  • Current Opinions on Web Design

    I have been designing websites as a side gig for about a year now. Most of that design work has been CSS modifications to existing themes. Since January, I have needed to do more extensive design changes. That work culminated in a scratch-made WordPress theme designed for people using WordPress as a CMS, not a […]