Year: 2020

  • Enabling TLS 1.3 in Apache >=2.4.38

    TLSv1.3 is now available on 85% of web clients, according to Since I don’t have to support either Internet Explorer or the six microscopic mobile web browsers that don’t support it at all, I have gone ahead and migrated my servers straight over to TLSv1.3. Below is a sample configuration that will enable TLSv1.3 […]

  • Recommended YouTube WW2 Historian

    TIK, formerly The Imperator Knight, makes long-form videos about lesser know WW2 battles. The early actions in the North African Campaign are exciting. I have one of his documentary playlists embedded below.

  • ZFS Backup Tool Part 6

    Now that I can read and write a snapshot, how do I process a list of snapshots in a useful manner? First, let me define what I mean by a useful manner. I want the tool to keep a copy of all automatic snapshot on the source ZFS tree on the destination tree as an […]

  • ZFS Backup Tool Part 5

    Now that I can read a list of snapshots, I need to read a snapshot and transfer it to the destination. The three functions that allow me to do that are exec.StdinPipe(), exec.StdoutPipe(), and io.CopyBuffer(). The process consists of the following steps: Create an exec.Cmd representing the zfs send command Use exec.StdoutPipe() to connect a […]

  • Fall Cleaning Instead of Spring Cleaning

    I spent yesterday and today cleaning out my bedroom to make room for this.

  • Here is a photo of my cat.

    There will not be a bigger post today. So here is a photo of Callie.

  • Two Week Posting Challenge Review

    When I rebooted my blog, yet again, I gave myself the personal challenge of writing at least one article per day. Except for August 3rd, 2020, I have met that challenge. Let’s see it continue.

  • Self Hosting a Git Server

    Which software to use? With the ZFS backup tool, I want to host the code for it here on my website instead of GitHub. What options are available? If I want to host the bare repo, I can use ssh for write access and add a virtual host for apache so you can have read […]

  • Mustie1: Good Small Engine Channel

    Mustie1 does videos of small engine repair. Most of his videos start with something simple that someone overlooked with the “dead” engine. He fixes that and usually cleans the engine as well. Here are three videos where he fixed a forklift that someone abandoned because two previous mechanics wouldn’t follow their troubleshooting workflow to the […]

  • ZFS Backup Tool Part 4

    Welcome to Part 4 of my series on my tool for backing up ZFS Snapshots to an external device. In this part, I am discussing how to exec a command and read its output. To deal with external commands in Go, you use the os/exec package. The primary pieces of the package that I need […]