Year: 2020

  • Don’t say one year of experience required if you won’t train.

    I have been dealing with the issue of many people wanting one year of experience with tool A, but they won’t train you on the differences between tool A and tool B, which I do have experience on. But I need someone with experience? A person with one year of experience in a tool isn’t […]

  • Update to TLS 1.3 with Apache

    I moved this site to TLS 1.3 a few weeks ago. So far, it has been working great if I use a web browser. Unfortunately, no one has updated Curl to work with TLS 1.3. The second issue is that Curl is the HTTP client library du jour for C or languages that use C’s […]

  • Post Schedule Change

    I am going to move the post schedule from daily to Monday through Friday. —Robert

  • Don’t leave web server performance on the table.

    If you followed the WordPress Install Guide you are leaving performance on the table for your website. The WordPress Install Guide defaults to Apache’s mod PHP which is definitely leaving performance on the table. Here is how to fix that in Ubuntu 20.04: install php-fpm: sudo apt install php-fpm disable mod_php and mpm_prefork: sudo a2dismod […]

  • Use Apache’s mod_usertrack to get analytics without sharing data

    First a major caveat, I still have Jetpack installed to simplify a few tasks like reducing comment spam. Until I have a replacement for everything it does, it will still track visitors. You need to know how many people are interacting with your site and where they are interacting with it. Without some form of […]

  • Another Quick Cash Grab In Blog Writing

    I do not have any other copies or formats of this book to compare the audiobook against. There are a lot of word choice and usage problems in this audiobook. Most Americans would call someone who reads websites, books, or other forms of written language a reader. She consistently uses words like perusers instead of […]

  • Second 2 Weeks Posting Challenge

    During the previous 2 Weeks Posting Challenge, I missed one of eighteen days that it covered. I missed six of the sixteen days covered by this period. Why did I miss those days? A lack of good topics to write about and a combination of not sitting down to write. I do not want to […]

  • Working The Polls Today

    If you have an election in your area today go vote. —Robert

  • Supporting Older Programming Languages

    In general, No, No, No! I have been mulling this question over because of recent discussions I am following about Java, WordPress hosting, and Python 2. I will start with Java. Java has become the modern COBOL in a lot of ways. An extremely verbose language designed around one programming paradigm. Excluding the inherent problems […]

  • SSH Clients For Windows

    Here is a listing of my preferred SSH clients for Windows. Windows has included a copy of OpenSSH enable by default since the April 2018 Update to Windows 10. The only downside to using it is the very basic default terminal in Windows. If we use Windows Terminal then it is an acceptable option though […]