Month: September 2020

  • Matomo: Impressive and Useful

    I discussed migrating from Google Analytics and Jetpack to Matomo in a previous post. However, I haven’t used it for a significant amount of time. I am finding it very useful. There are two ways you can self-host Matomo. As a plugin for WordPress or as an independent web application. The WordPress plugin is the […]

  • Explanation for the Absence.

    I spent last week working on passing my Life Provider exam for Oklahoma. I have now passed it. It will take another week to get my license but I will be a licensed life insurance agent soon.

  • Goodbye Jetpack

    After doing some research on alternative analytics options, I have removed Jetpack. Matomo can do everything Google Analytics and Jetpack can without any data sharing.

  • Automatically Starting Exactly One ssh-agent

    I use SSH keys to protect all of my SSH logins. The following shell code starts only one ssh-agent and adds all ssh-keys to that agent. I recommend adding it to your ~/.bashrc file, so the proper environment variables are set up.

  • Third Two Week Posting Challenge Review

    For these last two weeks, I have posted eight days out of ten applicable days. I am running out of ideas that don’t involve politics, and training for my new job has impacted my free time. Most of the problem is finding nonpolitical topics.

  • This isn’t A good move.

    Shame on both DELL and AMD for this. It doesn’t improve security and makes ewaste an even bigger problems.

  • Job Changes

    A day or two after I posted my complaint about businesses not training employees, I accept an offer at a company that does train their employees. Yay. I am not sure how it is going to affect my post rate here though. —Robert

  • Upgrade WordPress’ Password Hashing

    WordPress and several other pieces of web software written in PHP are notorious for using old and broken algorithms for securing passwords. If you are using a PHP version of 5.5 or newer, you should get okay security by default. However, even phpass’ developers recommend not using their software if you can use PHP 5.5 […]

  • Best Review I Have Currently Seen On Nvidia Ampere

  • Don’t say one year of experience required if you won’t train.

    I have been dealing with the issue of many people wanting one year of experience with tool A, but they won’t train you on the differences between tool A and tool B, which I do have experience on. But I need someone with experience? A person with one year of experience in a tool isn’t […]